PM Solar Panel Yojana

PM Solar Panel Yojana is started by our honorable Prime Minister, Sri Narendra Modi on 1 February 2020. In this yojana, the government of India will provide benefits of free solar to 20 lakh farmers. This Yojana of the Prime Minister leads the financial position of DISCOMS in the area of agricultural subsidy.

According to PM Solar Panel Yojana, the Central government provides a solar pump to the farmers which is 60 % of the total subsidy. This Yojana was announced by the finance minister in the budget of 2023.

PM Solar Panel Yojana Overview

In this, we will talk about the Prime Minister’s Solar Panel Yojana. The Solar Panel Yojana was started by our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi in the year 2023. The Solar Panel Yojana is beneficial for the farmers. The process to access this Yojana is online. The main aim of the Solar Panel Yojana is to increase the farmer’s income. This Yojana is a category of Central government Yojana.

This Yojana gives two types of benefits to the farmers. After registering an application, the farmers are able to take benefits of Yojana. Through this Yojana, farmers become strong and independent. With the Prime Minister’s Solar Panel Yojana farmers can put solar panels in the agricultural field in which solar energy is produced.

Solar energy can also be used for sale. In a year, a 1-megawatt plant provides 11 lakh units. The company should buy your solar energy at just 30 paise. The solar pump can also be used with solar energy instead of Petro or Diesel. With the use of solar energy, farmers can save money.

Formalities for PM Solar Panel Yojana

To take benefit of the Solar Panel Yojana, you have to complete the formalities. To be a participant in this Yojana, a person should be a resident of India. The participants have their all important documents such as Adhar card, Passport size photo, Mobile number, Ration card, Income certificate, Resident proof, and Passbook of Bank. In 2021 solar panel scheme of PM will give the benefits only to residents of India. This Yojana provides only those who have agricultural field-related documents.

Benefits of Solar Panel Yojana

The Solar Panel Yojana offers many benefits to the farmers. This Yojana starts with 10, 000 megawatts of land to plant and 1.75 million grids for providing agriculture and pump. With this Yojana, farmers become independent and strong. In a year, thus Yojana can buy 30 paise units which gives 11 lakh units of energy from a 1-megawatt plant.


To conclude, Solar Panel Yojana is to provide benefits to the farmers our Prime Minister on 1 February 2020. By being a part of this Yojana, farmers become strong and independent. In this Yojana, Solar pumps are provided by the Central government of India to farmers for their agricultural fields.

Solar pumps are also used with solar energy instead of petrol or diesel. The solar The process to access this Yojana of the Prime Minister is online. The Solar pumps are 60% of the subsidy.

FAQs Regarding PM Solar Panel Yojana

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun. Solar energy is less costly than electrical energy. This energy works as same as electrical energy. Solar energy can be used for both household and commercial use.

What is Solar Panel?

The solar panel is a device that can be used to observe the sun’s rays and convert them to electricity or heat. Solar panels are the collection of solar cells used to generate electricity by photo voltaic effect.

What are the benefits of Solar Power?

Solar power is a clean and renewable source of electricity. Solar power is also scalable which means that this can be used to power a single household.

What are the uses of solar panels?

Solar panels can be used for battery charging, cooking, energy for houses, and for water heaters.

What needs to take the benefits of the Solar Panel Yojana?

To take benefit of this Yojana, a person should be a resident of India and requires all the documents such as adhar card, ration card, passport size photo, Resident proof, passbook of the bank, and income-related proof. The participant must have an agricultural field.

How much does it cost after applying for PM Yojana 2023 online?

Its costs around 12, 000 from which you have to 40 %.

What is PM-free Solar Panel Yojana?

Pradhan Mantri Sri Narendra Modi’s solar panel yojana is free for farmers and was started by the government of India in 2020. This is a scheme in which farmers can get installed free solar panels in their agricultural fields for irrigation. Farmers can also install solar energy through solar panels and increase their income.

How much does 1 solar panel cost in India?

In India, one solar panel costs approximately Rs. 45, 000 to Rs. 50, 000.

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